Flossie packs no Hawaiian punch
Aug 16,2007 00:00 by UPI
HAWAII -- Flossie, the hurricane-turned-tropical storm, didn't deliver much of a wallop as it churned past Hawaii this week.

The Hawaii County Civil Defense emergency operations center was winding down and Hilo was returning to normal Wednesday with no damage reported, The Honolulu Advertiser said.

Many Big Island residents were relieved the storm never fully materialized yet expressed some pleasure in seeing how people had pulled together getting ready for it to hit.

"I'm glad it happened," said Lily Kuroyama of Machado Acres. "This particular event gave everyone an opportunity to work with their neighbors.

"I'm very grateful it didn't cause any damage."

In downtown Hilo, shopkeepers were removing tape from windows, removing sandbags and opening doors for customers.

Carolyn Chase, co-owner of Chase & Hanes Fine Home and In-home Accents, said the storm had caused her apprehension.

"This is the closest call we've ever had," she said.

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