14 trapped in flooded coal mine in China
Aug 16,2007 00:00 by UPI
BEIJING -- In another coal mine accident in China, a mine shaft at a state-owned facility in east Jiangxi Province was flooded Thursday, trapping 14 miners.

The official Xinhua reported 15 miners were working underground at the Zhayi colliery near Fengcheng city when the flooding occurred. One of the miners managed to escape but the other 14 could not, the report said.

Rescue work was proceeding to reach the trapped miners, the report said.

The coal mine produces about 30,000 tons annually.

Mining accidents are common in China. In a major one late last month, 69 miners were trapped in another state-owned mine in central Henan province after it was flooded from heavy rains in the region. They were rescued three days later after a massive effort that even included supplying them with milk through ventilation pipes that were not damaged.

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