Students riot in Bangladesh
Aug 22,2007 00:00 by UPI
DHAKA, Bangladesh -- The Bangladesh military accepted student demands to withdraw from university campuses after two days of riots injured at least 100 students.

The unrest started Monday night at a soccer match at Dhaka University, where students began arguing with soldiers and a full-blown riot erupted, the Press Trust of India reported.

At least 100 students were injured by tear gas, rubber bullets, water cannon and police batons, the report said.

Students have been demanding soldiers leave campuses, where camps have been set up since the imposition of a state of emergency on Jan. 11 by the interim military-backed government.

The government has promised to restore democratic rule by the end of 2008, but students are becoming increasingly restless, a BBC correspondent reported.

Tuesday night, authorities said they would withdraw troops from the campus and investigate claims soldiers had taunted students. Officials said if that were true, the troops would be prosecuted, the report said.

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