Home Zone: These are not your father's Tiki carts
Aug 24,2007 00:00 by Maggie_Reed

These aren't your ordinary, cheap Tiki carts.

Totally Bamboo has introduced its new line of "green" bamboo kitchen carts, bar cart, and workstation.

TOTALLY BAMBOO - This bar cart features a wine and liquor cabinet that holds up to 12 wine bottles and 12 pieces of stemware. CNS Photo courtesy of Totally Bamboo. 
TREILLAGE - A decorative trellis and planters can add a touch of elegance and help obscure undesirable views. CNS Photo courtesy of Accents of France. 
"These carts are not made from bamboo tubes, but high quality, thin layers of laminated bamboo pressed together to form planks similar to the new flooring that have been all the rage for the last few years," said Tom Sullivan, president of Totally Bamboo.

The carts are available with a patented 100 percent bamboo "multilam" inner core that is made from hundreds of bamboo pieces laminated together in an exclusive parquet pattern. The workstation is offered in a vertical grain pattern.

The carts are 36 inches high with surfaces ranging from 24 to 60 inches. The workstation offers a 25-by-60 inch free-standing work area.

The selection includes:

- A professional food prep cart with a 4-inch thick solid bamboo top with two pullout bamboo cutting boards hidden in the butcher block top.

- A versatile kitchen cart with a storage cabinet, pullout bamboo cutting board and a utility drawer.

- A bar cart with a wine and liquor cabinet that holds up to 12 wine bottles and 12 pieces of stemware. It also has a pullout bamboo cutting board along with a large drawer, four side shelves and solid stainless steel towel rails.

- The workstation, known as the "Big Island," has adjustable, heavy-duty feet. It is 25 1/2 inches deep, 60 inches long and is a full 5 inches thick. It can be used as a kitchen island or placed against a wall as a workstation.

All, except the "Big Island," have sturdy wheels that allow them to be rolled from room to room. Once in place, simply lock the wheels for stability.

The Totally Bamboo carts range in price from $850 to $1,500. For more information, call 818-765-9000 or visit www.surlatable.com and www.totallybamboo.com.


It's time to bring the beauty of the 18th century French garden architecture into America. Both inside ... and out.

Long ago, it was fashionable during the reigns of French kings to grow formal gardens.

The problem?

"It would take years before the King's hedges and topiaries would grow to full maturity," said Philippe Le Manach, creator of Accents of France, a decorative trellis and accessory company.

"In the meantime, royal landscape architects would rely on treillage to appease their impatient clients," he said.

Le Manach spent time in France visiting historic properties and formal gardens, taking notes of what he believed were the most interesting treillage patterns and motifs.However, even though American gardeners had the same needs, he seldom saw trelliswork, or treillage, used in the states.Placed at the back of a yard, a treillage display is an easy way to create a focal point while providing a decorative form for climbing roses or trailing ivy.

Accents of France also features a line of accessory items designed to complement the displays, such as planters and jardiniere boxes. Aside from outdoor spaces, Le Manach also designs indoor spaces.

White or hunter green are the color options for the standard line, however, Le Manach enjoys custom projects as well.

"Many times a designer or landscape architect will come to me with an awkward space, or an ugly wall they need to mask," he said. "With my custom projects I can provide my clients with to-scale drawings of what their space could look like."

The company also offers a full range of designs that knock down, making them UPS and FedEx shippable.

For more information, call 323-653-4006 or visit www.accents-of-france.com.

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