Animal Welfare Director of Humane Society steps down
Aug 27,2007 00:00 by Bend_Weekly_News_Sources

Troy Kerstetter resigns after 11 years of service

In the lobby of the Humane Society of Central Oregon’s shelter, Troy Kerstetter, animal welfare director announced to his staff that he will be resigning after 11 years of service to the animals and people of our community.  

Kerstetter stated that he has achieved his personal goals for returning to the organization in 2000 and leaves the Humane Society of Central positioned as one of the leading shelters in the nation.  The goals Kerstetter set for himself and the organization included reducing euthanasia, increasing adoptions, increasing the number of stray animals reunited with their families, improving the level of care by creating protocols to reduce disease, put in place shelter management software and creating a culture of integrity. 

“My personal goals were surpassed with the design and construction of a new shelter for the animals and people we serve. I feel confident that I’m leaving the organization in a position of continued growth with integrity.  My compassionate and dedicated staff will ensure a smooth transition,” Kerstetter said.

Pat Roden, executive director said she “appreciates Troy’s relentless dedication and commitment to the thousands of stray, homeless and neglected animals in our community and beyond.  The Board of Directors and staff appreciate his contributions and wish him success in his new endeavors.  His presence will truly be missed.”

“The Humane Society of Central Oregon will have a smooth transition and all programs and services will continue as normal,” Roden said.   “Troy is making himself available to the organization even after his last day of September 19th.”

When asked what’s in his future, Kerstetter replied “continued friendship and support of the mission and goals of HSCO and more than likely you’ll see me in my new role as an HSCO volunteer.  It’s time in my life for a position that has a predictable work week, and I’m looking forward to new challenges and a different working environment.  I’m also looking forward to more recreational time for myself and with my own dogs, Maty and Mesa, which is sure to involve a Frisbee.”

Kerstetter wants everyone to know that “Central Oregon is incredibly supportive of animals, and it has been a pleasure working with the community, local businesses and the media.  I appreciate everyone’s compassion for the animals and hope it only grows stronger,” he said. 

The Humane Society of Central Oregon has been serving the community for 46 years and cares for over 4,000 animals annually.  HSCO is a non-profit funded by individual and business donations and does not receive money from national organizations.   The mission is to unite the community in the compassionate care of all animals by providing protection and placement, education and outreach.  For more information visit or call 541.382.3537.