Harrumph to sex study
Aug 31,2007 00:00 by the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Excuse us. We had to put in our teeth, use a walker to get to our computers and gulp down some fiber before we started typing this.

What, you didn't think some of us were that old? Neither did we. But given the reaction to news that older people - gasp! - have sex, it appears that many people do, indeed, believe that life as we know it somehow ends after age 50.

Here's some bigger news for these folks. Fifty is the new 30 (well, maybe 35). OK, no one here really wants to relive those years, but the fact is that a lot of us in the 50- to 80-plus range walk without means of visible support - other than our legs - work and, yes, even canoodle.

Our reaction to the reaction to this senior sex survey might be due to the irritability that comes with age. (Why, in our day ...) Or it could be that we tire of this popular notion that an AARP card in the mail means the departure of all sense, sensibility and sensualibility. (That last one is not a word, but humor us in our dotage.)

We thank the folks who did the federally funded study, labeled unprecedented in news accounts. But we could have saved the researchers the effort and taxpayers the money, Dr. Ruth's enthusiasm about the study notwithstanding.

The only thing more irritating than this perception that 50-plus folks are too old for such activities? The notion that we're "cute" or "frisky" when we're amorous.


Reprinted from the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel - CNS