Australia beefs up security for APEC
Aug 31,2007 00:00 by UPI

SYDNEY - Australia announced more than 5,000 police officers are being deployed to Sydney for the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation summit in September.

The event, which is expected to be attended by U.S. President George Bush and Russian President Vladimir Putin as well as leaders from China and Japan, is the largest international conference ever in Australia -- and also marks the largest security operation in the history of the country, the Voice of America reported Friday.

Portions of Sydney are being closed to civilians to ensure security for APEC. The city's famous Opera House, where many of the summit's meetings are to take place, is being fenced off into a protective zone along with some city hotels that will house delegates.

Police officers have been given new authority in the city to stop and search citizens and jail cells have been cleared to make room for any mass arrests that may take place during the conference. A steel fence is being constructed to keep protesters away from key areas.

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