Bodies of 2 sailors found off Israel coast
Aug 31,2007 00:00 by UPI

HAIFA, Israel - Divers found the bodies Friday of two crew members on a freighter who disappeared after a collision with a cruise ship near the Israeli port of Haifa.

The two men were a 30-year-old Indonesian who served as chief officer on the Israeli-owned freighter and a 22-year-old Ukrainian, YnetNews reported. The bodies were to be autopsied at the Abu Kabir pathological institute in Tel Aviv.

The freighter, Shelly, sank Thursday after it was struck by a Cypriote passenger vessel, the Salamis Glory, just over a mile offshore. The Salamis Glory, carrying passengers returning to Cyprus after a pilgrimage to Israel, had just left port.

The Cypriote ship was towed back to port by tugboats. It was to remain docked in Haifa while apparent problems with its navigation system are repaired while the passengers return home by air.

Eleven members of the Shelly’s crew were rescued after the sinking. The ship is resting on the bottom in 100-foot-deep water but its superstructure is high enough to pose a hazard to navigation.

Some beaches were closed because of oil in the water.

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