Roller coaster fails to stop at Expoland
Sep 17,2007 00:00 by UPI
OSAKA, Japan -- Passengers on the Orochi suspended roller coaster at Japan's Expoland got a serious scare when the coaster did not stop to let them off.

Osaka's Expoland had just recently re-opened after a roller coaster derailed and killed a woman in May when the ride malfunctioned and carried its passengers around the track twice, the Mainichi daily News reported.

This time, no one was hurt when the Orochi roller coaster failed to stop and sped around the course a second time, although many of the passengers had already removed their seatbelts.

The roller coaster gets to a maximum height of 43 meters, but it uses safety bars on top of the seatbelts and the second time around a safety device kicked in and brought the roller coaster to a halt.

The Suita, Osaka, Municipal Government has advised Expoland to suspend the ride until a third party has investigated it.

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