Opening of new solid waste facility slated for mid-November
Oct 05,2007 00:00 by Bend_Weekly_News_Sources
In mid-November, an expansion of the Deschutes County Department of Solid Waste will open at a well-marked entrance just north of Knott Landfill's current entrance. The new facility will provide Deschutes County citizens with additional customer services including a safer atmosphere to dispose of solid waste. The expansion will also provide for cleaner, more efficient facilities.

The Solid Waste administration office, located at 61000 SE 27th Street, will close at its current site when the new facility opens in November. This will make room for the future construction of an additional solid waste cell that will help keep garbage disposal affordable to citizens well into the year 2023.

Some of the new or improved features of the Department of Solid Waste expanded facility include: 

New Scale Facilities--The new scale facilities include four scales (one dedicated for franchise haulers only), an upgraded computer system and technology upgrades to reduce transaction and wait time.

New Department of Solid Waste Office-Located just north of the current offices, the new building will offer more room for current and future staff needs, larger conference room space, improved employee facilities and much needed increased storage space for records, supplies, and more.

New Recycling Center--New facilities replace the existing 20 year-old buildings that needed to be moved to facilitate ongoing landfill operations. The new recycling center will be safer for public use (no stairs, curbs to negotiate) and will facilitate more efficient recycling management (use of compactors to improve transportation efficiencies), and more storage space for recyclables (improving transportation efficiency). The recycling center will also include a paved yard debris, wood waste collection and processing area which will also be safer for public use and will ensure minimal contamination problems.

Household Hazardous Waste (HHW) Collection Center-Prior to June of this year, Deschutes County offered household hazardous waste recycling one day a year. The new HHW facility will be open the first and third Friday and Saturday of each month of the year. The Center will provide much needed and improved HHW and business waste management service to County citizens.

Public Receiving Facility (Transfer Station)--One of the largest safety challenges for the Department of Solid Waste is the public taking their waste directly into the landfill pit. When the new public receiving facility opens, the public will take their waste to a fully enclosed receiving station with a 33,000 square foot floor. Citizens will deposit their waste on the facility floor which will be safer, the building will protect the public from cold and wet weather, and will allow for increased screening of prohibited waste. Waste received at the receiving facility will be pushed into trailers and hauled to the landfill by Department staff. (Franchise refuse collection trucks and large contractor trucks will haul their waste directly to the landfill and not to the receiving facility.)

Deschutes County will hold a ribbon cutting at the new Solid Waste facility at 1:00 p.m. on Monday, November 19. The public is invited to attend.