Hamas accuses Fatah of terror tactics
Oct 05,2007 00:00 by UPI

GAZA - Fatah has rejected claims by the rival Palestinian group Hamas that Fatah is responsible for planting bombs in Gaza, The Jerusalem Post reported Friday.

"Hamas is trying to cover up for its daily crimes against our people in the Gaza Strip," an unnamed Fatah official told the Post.

Hamas officials claim they have evidence of 14 Fatah bombing attacks against Hamas leaders and institutions in the Gaza during the last month. The Hamas officials claim Fatah's "armed struggle" reflects Fatah's frustration with the Hamas takeover of Gaza last June.

The alleged Fatah operations have targeted security vehicles used by Hamas forces, prompting the Hamas Ministry of Interior to instruct its operatives to thoroughly examine their vehicles and to be alert for roadside bombs.

"Apparently, Fatah is trying to copy the tactics of the anti-American insurgents in Iraq," said a Palestinian journalist in Gaza. "It's ironic that Hamas is now describing the Fatah attacks as acts of terrorism."

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