Diana inquest jury visits Paris crash site
Oct 08,2007 00:00 by UPI
PARIS -- A French police officer was unharmed after being hit Monday by the bus carrying the jury for the inquest of Britain's Princess Diana in Paris.

The motor coach collided with the officer's motorcycle and then blew a tire when it clipped a billboard outside the Paris Ritz, The Sun reported.

Earlier in the day, an estimated 500 armed French officers stood guard as the jury visited the scene of Diana's fatal crash in a Paris tunnel.

The massive security presence showed how seriously the French government is reacting to the first British court ever to sit in Paris, the Telegraph reported Monday.

French authorities, fearing the court could be a potential terrorist target, closed off a large area around the tunnel to allow the 11 jurors to view the damage caused by the Mercedes carrying Diana and and her boyfriend Dodi Fayed a decade ago. A large chunk of concrete remains missing about two feet above the ground where the Mercedes hit, exposing the tunnel's steel reinforcing rods.

The jurors plan to drive the route at night to see what the conditions might have been like the night the fatal crash occurred, the Telegraph reported.

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