Tips to Make Your Tailgate a Winner
Oct 02,2006 00:00 by NewsUSA
Some people look at a parking lot merely as a designated place to leave your car while fetching groceries or running some other mundane errand.

Then there are those who look beyond the asphalt and painted lines and see a breeding ground for an awesome tailgating party.

"Tailgating is a popular party event for our customers during football season," says Peter Redmond, vice president for Wal-Mart Stores deli division.

"We understand that the right food can bring the winning combination to any tailgating party. So whether you choose to grill your favorite burgers or pick up a prepared party tray of chicken wings and tenders, take a few minutes to put together a game plan that will result in a crowd-pleasing party."

When planning that perfect tailgate, remember the four "F's" - food, friends, football and fun.

* Food: A general rule of thumb is you can never have too much food. Stock up on hot dogs, hamburgers or any meat that can be prepared via the grill. You can also pick up affordable portable grills at large retail stores.

Many grocers also have a large selection of prepared party trays that include sandwiches, cold cuts and fruit and cheese. And don't forget the snacks; have plenty of chips, dips and beverages for your fanatical guests.

* Friends: The mantra of a good tailgate should be "the more the merrier." Be sure to pick up plenty of portable chairs and tables, but don't worry about providing seats for everyone. Those who want to sit will bring their own chairs.

* Football: With the NFL and college football slates in full swing, beef up on your pigskin knowledge to impress your friends. It is also a great idea to collect some of your favorite team's sports memorabilia to show team spirit.

A portable TV or radio is always a good addition to help you stay updated on scores, and don't forget to bring your own football to throw around.

* Fun: Keep the party lively and enjoy the game. While you can't control whether your favorite team wins or loses, follow these tips to ensure your tailgate party is always a winner.