Wild bear taken down in Sweden
Oct 15,2007 00:00 by UPI
STOCKHOLM, Sweden -- The bear responsible for seriously injuring two hunters in Sweden over the weekend was shot and killed Monday by a park ranger in Harjedalen.

The bear, which had been wounded by the hunters during the attack, was shot by county ranger Bert Ivan Mattsson, Sweden's The Local reported.

"The bear was in good condition despite its injury and was able to chase our dog at top speed," he said. "It was a very large male, as fat and round as a ball."

The two hunters, aged 41and 65, were training a dog when the brown bear appeared out of nowhere and began mauling them.

One of the men was severely wounded in the head and hands and the other managed to fire off a shot before the bear turned on him, reported Aftenposten.

The hunters, both of whom survived, told police that at least three shots were fired during the attack.

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