Israeli leader warns against Iranian nukes
Oct 23,2007 00:00 by UPI
JERUSALEM -- An Israeli leader predicted the Middle East will become "saturated" with nuclear weapons if Iran continues its uranium enrichment program.

Iran is determined to develop a bomb and once that happens other Arab states will follow suit, Isaac Ben-Israel, a Knesset member and major general in the Israeli military reserves told in an article published Tuesday.

"The Middle East will not only be unstable but it will also be saturated with nuclear weapons," Ben-Israel said. "In such a state, where a war breaks out here every two days due to lack of understandings -- one can only guess who will be the first to fire this weapon."

Iran's nuclear enrichment program represents an intolerable threat and Israel must do everything possible to ensure Iran never has such a bomb, said Ben-Israel, who has worked in Israel security and intelligence operations.

Iran is three to five years from producing a nuclear bomb, he told

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