Bulletin Board: In-home care relieves stress for busy boomers
Oct 26,2007 00:00 by Amy_Winter

Richard Franz's mother is in a nursing home and longs for more companionship, but he has a job that involves travel. Enter Shirley, a Right at Home caregiver.

"Having Shirley gives me a peace of mind," says Franz. "A nursing home wasn't enough. My mother needs nurturing and the personal touch."

People who are part of the "sandwich generation" face the difficulty of juggling a career, raising a family and providing care for their elderly parents. Right at Home, a national in-home senior care and assistance provider, can assist family members in striking a balance.

Allen Hager, the president and founder of Right at Home, says his 12-year-old program offers supportive services, including personal care, companionship, medication management and meal preparation.

"Oftentimes family members are forced to make the difficult choice between work and family: 'Do I go to my 3 p.m. meeting or take my mother to the doctor?'" says Hager. "Managing both responsibilities can often increase stress while decreasing productivity in one or both of these tasks."

Family members juggling both tasks suffer from stress, guilt and anger, often straining their marriages. Hager says boomers can relate to stress; one in four adults is involved in caring for another adult. He used his experience of trying to care for his father in order to provide service and empathy toward others.

Hager describes some of the problems experienced by family caregivers:

- Stagnant career: Caregiver is unable to relocate, transfer or accept promotions.

- Decrease in savings: Home care can be expensive and leave less money for trips or investments.

- Hard on health: Caregiving may lead to more absences at work or early retirement, causing a decrease in employee productivity at the workplace.

- Loss for employers: Companies lose money when employees miss work to care for family members.

- Wait to have children: Many delay having children due to the time and hardship of caring for parents.

Right at Home offers flexible care policies and is available 24/7. Families can start with a few hours of service a week and, if needed, turn to long-term care policies.

"I see a huge amount of stress relief almost immediately," says Hager.

For more information, visit www.rightathome.net.


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