Home Zone: Customize your garage floor with style
Oct 26,2007 00:00 by Maggie_Reed

OK, ladies and gents ... get your garage ready.

Add some style and protect your floor. On The Edge Marketing has introduced a nifty way to get things covered.

GET OFF THE FLOOR - Help protect your garage floor and add comfort with these colorful interlocking tiles. CNS Photo courtesy of On The Edge Marketing. 
TALK TO ME - The Talking First Aid Kit comes with audio instructions for common injuries. CNS Photo courtesy of Intelligent First Aid. 
The auto-themed interlocking floor tiles present a hassle-free way to protect garage flooring with an easy-to-clean and stain-resistant barrier. Get your feet, and your vehicles, up off the floor.

Not to mention, they look pretty cool.

The polypropylene tiles are resistant to stains or damage from chemicals, petroleum products, grease, brake fluid and anti-freeze. They easily snap together and require no adhesives or tools.

And, let's face it, for many folk the garage is just as an important gathering place as the kitchen, so it should be just as functional and comfortable. Add a few bar stools on top of the tiles and turn any garage into a cozy yet functional oasis.

These tiles also serve to cover unsightly, cracked, stained or just plain boring floors. The flooring is available in red, blue, yellow, white, alloy, graphite and black and carries a 10-year limited warranty.

Retail prices are $300 for a 40-square-foot kit and $10 for individual 12-inch by 12-inch tiles. Go ahead, mix and match and have fun. For car enthusiasts, add a few Dodge, Ford, Mustang or Chevrolet tiles into the mix.

For more information, call 949-305-4830 or visit www.ontheedgemarketing.com.


The ability to think clearly is often another victim in an emergency situation. That's why a former Navy hospital corpsman who served in Vietnam created the Talking First Aid Kit.

At the touch of a button, recorded step-by-step treatments for a number of injuries and injury-specific problems are provided.

"We're giving you the best information that's available so that you can do it the right way," said Dave Hammond, co-creator (with his wife Linda) of Intelligent First Aid, based in Tinton Falls, N.J.

A large, plastic-laminated card (with the same information printed on it) contains a small device that allows you to stop, pause, go back to the previous sentence and repeat the verbal instructions. You are literally "talked through" the procedure.

There are cards on how to treat bites and stings, burns, shock, breathing problems and injuries to the head and spine, bones and eyes, as well as how to stop bleeding.

The medical supplies to treat each problem are also included. The kit comes in its own case and includes a guidebook with instructions on how to treat other problems like choking, heatstroke and asthma.

Also included are a book light to attach to the top of the case and a shoulder strap. Talking kits are $129. Intelligent First Aid also sells non-talking kits.

For more information, call 888-388-4854 or visit www.intelligentfirstaid.com.

- Cathy Lubenski

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