Summer fades out for holiday glamour
Oct 26,2007 00:00 by Sharon_Mosley

Now that the hot days of summer have turned into cool fall weeks, it's time to take a break and make a few easy changes in not only our wardrobes, but our beauty routines, too. Sometimes it only takes a change in lipstick color to make a big difference. After all, the holidays are coming and what better time to glam it up a little.

GOODBYE STRAIGHT, HELLO WAVE - Classic Hollywood waves are back for fall in glamorous long hair styles. CNS Photo courtesy of Bumble & Bumble. 
Here are a few ways the makeup artists and hairstylists from the fall runway shows made the models look glamorous. We can all adapt these new trends for ourselves.

- First, experiment with hairstyles. We all get stuck in a rut when it comes to that tried-and-true hairstyle we've had for the past few years.

- Hollywood waves: Starlets of the '40s were famous for their long hair that fell in stylized shiny waves across their faces - barely revealing their sultry eyes and red lips. Get the same look with your favorite styling iron, whether your hair is long or short. The sleek architectural bob in the manner of Victoria Beckham is another way to wear shorter hair in a chic do.

Ask your hairstylist for tips and then do it on your own.

- Smoky eyes: OK. We can do this. You don't have to do the Goth thing and completely cover your eyelids in kohl black shadow; however, you can lightly smudge them with silvery gray and get a much more sophisticated effect. For a very special evening, try a navy or teal green shadow.

- Dramatic lines: Yes, you do need to add some definition to those inky eyes. The '60s style of liquid liner, especially in black, is back. And just a little will do for you. One trick - line the upper eyelid and half of the bottom. Cat eyes are even more dramatic. If black is too much for you, opt for brown liner for a softer look.

- Bold lips: You can't look the part of a glamour girl and not have luscious lips. The lips for fall are well-defined with waterproof liner and then filled in with a creamy lipstick - the darker the better and red, of course.

- Strong brows: If you're going for the bold lips, you need to balance your makeup with eyebrows that are just as strong. Use a brow pencil in one or two shades lighter than your hair color. Brush upwards for a fresh look that opens up your whole face.

- Powder pow: With bolder lips and eyes, paler, polished skin is the perfect contrast in a porcelain-like finish topped off with velvety powder. Forget the dry, flaky stuff and dab on a lightweight dusting of matte powder foundation with a slight opalescent sheen.

- Lash luxe: And the final glamour touch for fall's fabulous faces is the not-so-false eyelashes. The feathery fringes that are out there currently will give you the extra touch of boldness you need to open your eyes up to all kinds of possibilities. Available in all lengths and types of fullness (yes, even feathers); you'll be batting a thousand.

Sharon Mosley is a former fashion editor of the Arkansas Gazette in Little Rock and executive director of the Fashion Editors and Reporters Association.

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