Lead found in Halloween items
Oct 29,2007 00:00 by UPI

ASHLAND, Ohio -- The Ohio team that found lead in Chinese toys is reporting dangerous amounts of lead in some items meant for use by children on Halloween.

Researchers at Ashland University urged the Consumer Products Safety Commission to issue a speedy recall for some fake plastic teeth and Halloween baskets, CBS News reported Monday.

Chemistry Professor Jeffrey Weidenhammer of Ashland told a CBS reporter his team found 100 times the allowable levels of lead in the paint used on a toy called ugly teeth.

Weidenhammer said the plastic teeth are of greatest concern because lead enters the body fastest when ingested.

Last Thursday the Consumer Product Safety Commission recalled some Halloween pails based party on the tests that Weidenhammer and his lab had done.

Weidenhammer said they also found high levels of lead in a Frankenstein cup and white skull bucket but didn't receive an explanation as to why those items weren't included in the recall, CBS reported.

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