U.S. envoy advocates Poland missile shield
Oct 29,2007 00:00 by UPI

WARSAW, Poland -- A U.S. envoy in Warsaw said a missile shield system in Eastern Europe is essential for Poland’s security, Polish Radio reported Monday.

Kenneth Hillas, U.S. deputy chief of mission in Poland, told students in the southern city of Katowice, that popular support from Polish citizens would make it easier for the United States to deploy the anti-missile system on Polish territory, the radio said.

Washington has been negotiating with Warsaw and Prague over its proposal to erect a radar base in the Czech Republic and station 10 interceptor missiles in Poland. The United States says it would provide a defense shield against unfriendly countries such as Iran.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has strongly condemned the plan, calling it a threat to Russia and a revival of Cold War policies.

Polish political scientist Tomasz Kubin, on Polish Radio, said while the U.S. missile shield would increase Poland’s security and improve ties with Washington, it would at the same time make Warsaw’s relations with Moscow more complicated.

Quoting Polish analysts, the radio said Warsaw’s relations with the European Union and NATO might become more problematic as well.

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