Arabs, Israeli police clash in Galilee
Oct 30,2007 00:00 by UPI

JERUSALEM -- Nearly 40 people, including police and paramedics, were injured in riots Tuesday in the mixed Galilee town of Peki'in, police reported.

Various Israeli media outlets said the violence started over an attempt by some 200 border police to arrest a Palestinian youth suspected of trying to burn a cellular telephone antenna.

At one point, a female border officer was held by villagers but following the release of several locals who had been arrested, she was freed, reported.

Police said they encountered "stiff opposition" from scores of youth, some of whom wore masks, the Jerusalem Post said. The house of an Israeli was also set on fire but there were no injuries, the report said.

Ynetnews said 27 police officers and 10 local residents and paramedics were hurt, including one officer who was listed in serious condition after being hitting in the head by a rock, and a demonstrator with an abdominal bullet wound.

In Jerusalem, at least two Israeli Knesset members called for a probe as to why police used live ammunition against the crowd, the Post said.

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